Three Year Olds
Learning Program

The Drawn2Learn Educational Series focuses on a range of educational subjects, helping children with emotional and academic growth.

3 Year Old Curriculum

Help your child reach their full potential

Our 3 Year Old Learning Program is a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of early childhood development. With Drawn2Learn, your child will learn their letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and more. They will also develop important social-emotional skills such as focus, self-esteem, and empathy.

Drawn2Learn is a fun and engaging way for children to learn.

Our programs are designed to be interactive and hands-on, so children can learn through play.

We also offer a variety of resources to help parents and caregivers support their child’s learning, including lesson plans, activity sheets, and printables.

Children Enrolled in our Educational Series Embrace:

Recognition and writing of letters, numbers, positive affirmations, sentences, colors and shapes.

 We also help them develop fine motor skills with cutting, pasting and crafting.

The Drawn2Learn Series teaches children the tools necessary to:

focus, boost self-esteem, learn the power of choice, empathy, kindness and gratitude.

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Children Learn And Grow When Mistakes
Are Addressed With Positive Guidance


Proprietary Technology

Dry Erase Books

Our proprietary technology allows students to use dry erase books for lessons. This eliminates the child’s frustration when he or she would scribble on or rip up pages when they make a mistake.

Instead, using our system, they simply wipe away the mistake and try again.

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Would you like to try Drawn2Learn for free? We offer a free sample of our curriculum to parents and preschools. The sample includes a variety of materials, including sample pages from our workbooks, lesson plans, and activities.

We are confident that you will be impressed with Drawn2Learn. Our curriculum is engaging, educational, and affordable. It is the perfect way to help your preschoolers learn and grow.

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Why Use Our Program?

Reasons To Use This Program For Your Pre-K, Nursery School, Day Care, Child Care or Home School

Remove The Frustration & Stigma Of Mistakes

Useful techniques will be used as building blocks towards understanding how mistakes help us learn and how it becomes a healthy part of growing up.

Mindfulness And Positive Affirmations

Mindful exercises help expand a child’s focus and concentration while feeling mindful of others and the world around them.

Positive affirmations become a weekly part of the children’s learning, encouraging children to feel good about themselves and others.

Teacher’s Guide And Complete Curriculum

Each Teacher guide will be used in conjunction with the children’s drawn2erase workbook.

Crafts, Songs And Other Engaging Activities

Creating crafts, singing songs, taking turns, sharing and experimenting with nature are all included in this full 3 year-old curriculum.

Bi-Lingual Elements To The Drawn 2 Learn Program

Drawn2Learn incorporates Spanish words with fun games and interactive skills to learn a second language.

Three-year old children learn how to begin recognizing and writing uppercase letters, their name, numbers and shapes.

Personalized Dry Erase Book For Each Child

Each child will have their own workbook and personalized name page that they can write, erase and re-write as many times as they’d like.


What Our Parents and Teachers Say

Lisa Frampton

Toddler Preschool Teacher - New York

I felt confident that my lesson plan was already prepared in the event I was out one day a substitute could easily pick up where I left off.

Giovannina St. John


This curriculum puts your child in a place where they are open and willing to learn.


 I feel so great knowing that my daughter will go into kindergarten not stressed out or anxious. She is excited to learn. I noticed how comfortable she was when writing in her book. She felt good about herself writing in a book that can easily be erased

Colleen Peretti

Preschool Staff Manager - Long Island, NY

Teachers have more time to work with each child rather than worrying about what’s coming up the following day, week or month.


There are even extra curricular activities already prepared in the teacher guide.

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