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Drawn2Learn Helps School Owners

Our Drawn2Learn workbook curriculum and management app adds to a school’s monthly profit.

Who invented this:

Gregg Lewis

What they did:

Gregg developed a new approach to an Early Childhood Educational curriculum that children and parents absolutely love!

Where is it in use:

The program is now the cornerstone of learning, used daily in a busy mid-sized preschool in Long Island New York. This program is the perfect fit for the academic levels expected by the public school system.

When was it launched:

We launched the program in the 3rd quarter of 2018, as a means of staying relevant in a tight market.

Why was it developed:

The facility faced problems similar to most private schools, which is how to cut costs and increase profits. This program did both, by increasing enrollment and decreasing the educational supplies costs for each student.

How it Works:

We have developed a complete curriculum using workbooks made with a special sustainable dry erase coating. This allows multiple years of use and durability, standing up to the toughest challenge of toddlers and preschool age children.

Lessons can be done multiple times per year, for many years, without the expense and waste of paper handouts, inkjet cartridges and labor costs associated with preparing and printing materials.


The cost savings are staggering!

Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year!

Stop Spending Thousands of Dollars on Expensive Inkjet, Paper and More!

The Current Problems:

Each day teachers are required to come up with lesson materials for their classes. This is time consuming, and requires them to print out handouts and worksheets for the students. The cost of paper and printing continue to rise. Additionally, the teacher needs to spend time researching, pulling up materials to print, and waiting for print jobs to complete.

Some children will begin writing on the paper before the lesson begins, requiring the teacher to throw out the paper and give them another (added costs). In some cases, practice sheets are handed out several times until the “final” activity happens. Yes, even more costs.

The Solution:

Our Drawn2Learn Workbooks eliminate these costs, save time, and deliver a complete program in a dry erase format.

Drawn2Learn allows children to start and erase while others are still receiving the materials need for the lesson plan.

This eliminates the added cost of printing extra worksheets, reduces labor costs, and allows all of the students to wipe the pages fresh and start over as needed!

Gain More Enrollments

Our Curriculum Helps Parents Make Your Preschool an EASY Choice

Our Drawn2Learn Workbooks Help to Increase Enrollments

A Customer’s Preschool went from 85 enrollments in 2017 to over 200 in the 2018-2019 school year (an increase of over 135%)

The Drawn2Learn curriculum is the focal point of the enrollment presentation when parents are touring the school. This program far surpasses their competition, with an organized 10 month curriculum whose benefits are easy to understand.

In almost all cities and states, STEAM & STEM are considered the essential basic levels of education required for children entering public schools.

Drawn2Learn has accomplished and exceeds this level, providing a robust and enjoyable curriculum for pre-K students.

The program teaches shapes, colors, numbers, letters, sight words, positive affirmations, mindfulness techniques, sentence structure, science and math. Drawn2Learn also offers bilingual lessons in a fun and interactive way!

Profit From The Curriculum

Owners using the Drawn2Learn curriculum can also see increase profits and have the curriculum become a revenue center.


Parent Copies may be purchased with additional Drawn2Learn Dry Erase workbooks for their children. Parent Guides allow children and parents the same workbook with a reduced material lesson plan to assist in the educational process! Working alongside with parents of your facility helps parents get involved in the education process of their child and creates a family/Day Care connection. We encourage owners to purchase enough workbooks and offer them at an additional cost during the enrollment process. The at home workbooks are the same high quality books that children use within their Preschool or Day Care.

Co-Branded for Your School

Our Drawn2Learn Educational curriculum will have your Preschools name or logo printed to each workbook. When parents see your Preschool’s branding on the cover, a sense of quality resonates. This builds trust and confidence in your school, and parents feel that they have made the correct choice for their child.

Delivery of Materials to Students and Parents

We offer a marketing plan for the workbook and parent guides at a discount to participating Day Care Centers and Preschools. Owners can earn an immediate profit on each book brought into the classroom.

Even if you choose to bear the cost of the books, the materials should pay for themselves within the first year of use.

Sample Costs, based on 100 students:

Current Costs:

  • Paper + Toner @ $29 -$39 per cartridge = $0.18 per printed page
  • Students use 2-3 sheets of paper per day = $0.36 – $0.54 per day per student
  • Printing 22 days/month x 10 months = $79.20 – $118.80 per student per year

This is in addition to the labor costs associated with searching for materials online, printing materials and licensing materials from publishers.

Drawn2Learn Costs Less than Printed Sheets & Includes a Complete Curriculum

Drawn2Learn will pay for itself in the first year of use. Even better, each book is reusable and will hold up to wear and tear for at least 3 years. You get a return of more than 300% on the use of these books!

Other Benefits of Drawn2Learn

In addition, the Drawn2Learn series delivers:

  • A complete teacher guide – no need to research daily lesson topics. We include a complete year long curriculum
  • Your School Branding – your name and logo will be on the cover increasing the perceived value and professionalism of your school.
  • Cost Savings – the list price of the material is $125.00 per book. Many schools will have the parents pay this as materials expense, generating instant profits and year long savings for the school.
  • Cost Savings – even where the school pays for the book without increasing tuition, the cost of the book is saved in the first year with lower printing, paper and labor costs, and the book can be used for at least 3 years!
  • Old Cost: $79 – $118 per student per year for printing
  • New Cost: $42 per student per year for the Drawn2Learn materials
  • Savings: $37 – $76 per year per student

Use the curriculum as a profit to increase your bottom line.

How We Developed Drawn2Learn

What started as a plan to cut business costs, grew into a curriculum to help all School Owners

As school owners, we understand the importance of both curriculum as well as parental enthusiasm about your school. Client retention is key to your success, and Drawn2Learn helps you achieve your business goals.

With this program, parents understand the clear and high quality curriculum offered to their children. They can see the positive impact of our proprietary dry erase learning platform. Best of all, they can purchase materials from you to use at home. This lets parents recreate the learning experience every day, with the child teaching the parent the lesson of the day.


A fabulous experience for both parents and children!

Save Time. Save Money.

Drawn2Learn’s Cost Savings for Schools:

How We Started

A Journey of Time & Money

We were a preschool with 200 children, and we were spending about $80-90 per student per year on printing costs. We knew there had to be a better way, so we developed the Drawn2Learn system.

1. D.I.Y. at Staples.

We would drive to Staples each month and make copies of the materials for the children’s lesson plans. This was time-consuming, expensive, and disorganized.

2. Print Duplication Services.

We switched to a print duplication service, which saved us some time, but it was still expensive.

3. Purchased Our
Own Copy Machine.

We purchased our own copy machine, which saved us money on printing costs in the long run, but it was still a significant upfront investment.

4. Can’t. Making Copies.

We had our teachers make copies for the children, which freed up some of our time, but it took away from their teaching time.

5. So Much Wasted Paper!

When children made mistakes, they would crumple up their papers and throw them away. This was wasteful and frustrating for both the children and the teachers.

6. What If We Make This?..

We created the Drawn2Learn system to address all of these problems. Our reusable dry erase workbooks are easy to use, affordable, and environmentally friendly. They have saved us thousands of dollars per year, and they have given our teachers more time to focus on teaching.

7. We Did It!
Enter Drawn2Learn!

Drawn2Learn is a win-win for everyone involved.

It saves schools money, gives teachers more time, and helps children learn more effectively.

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What Our Parents and Teachers Say

Lisa Frampton

Toddler Preschool Teacher - New York

I felt confident that my lesson plan was already prepared in the event I was out one day a substitute could easily pick up where I left off.

Giovannina St. John


This curriculum puts your child in a place where they are open and willing to learn.


 I feel so great knowing that my daughter will go into kindergarten not stressed out or anxious. She is excited to learn. I noticed how comfortable she was when writing in her book. She felt good about herself writing in a book that can easily be erased

Colleen Peretti

Preschool Staff Manager - Long Island, NY

Teachers have more time to work with each child rather than worrying about what’s coming up the following day, week or month.


There are even extra curricular activities already prepared in the teacher guide.

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