Pre-K Learning Program


Children Using Drawn2Learn Embrace Learning

Children enrolled in the Drawn2Learn Educational Series will embrace letter writing and recognition, identify and write numbers and shapes. Children will learn their colors, along with fine motor skills with cutting, pasting and crafting. Daily Songs, finger plays and creative games and crafts is all part of the curriculum.

Our Drawn2Learn Series teaches children the tools necessary to focus, boost self-esteem, learn the power of choice, empathy, kindness and gratitude.
Frustration-Free Way Learning & Growth
  • Children suffer with frustration when they make mistakes. Traditional paper learning amplifies this frustration, with them seeing their mistakes staring back at them. They scribble out words and pictures, throw out paper, frustrated by their challenges.
  • Each child can use a dry erase marker, crayon or pencil and simply wipe away any unwanted drawing and try again.
  • Children are often hard on themselves, thinking mistakes are a “bad thing”. Therefore, children writing on paper feel frustrated and upset with themselves when they do not like what they had written and need to ask for a new sheet of paper.
  • Our Drawn2Learn Dry Erase books allow children to learn without frustration.

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Package 1: 25 Student Dry Erase Books, 2 Teacher Guides, Package 2: 50 Student Dry Erase Books, 2 Teacher Guides, 25 Parent Guides


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