Help Reduce Your Child’s STress

Tips to help with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common and normal emotion for preschoolers. It can be tough to see your child struggle with this, but there are things you can do to help them cope.

Our Best Advice:
  • Always explain to your child beforehand what they should expect.
  • Do not sneak away.
  • Start reading “back to school” books a few weeks before school starts.
  • The Missing Mommy Cure by Midge Leavey prepares your child for new beginnings.
  • Stick with short goodbyes (remember…extended “i love you’s” and long goodbyes will heighten child anxiety.
  • Find a preschool or daycare that specializes in separation anxiety (just in case your child surprises you with a melt down the first few days (or weeks) of school.
Help Your Child Succeed

Tips To Motivate your Child to Learn

Motivating your child to learn can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few tips that can help:
  • Do not limit learning to the classroom. Allow children to experiment with nature and conversation.
  • Develop a world of reading. Read to your child, or have your child read to you. Reading 20 minutes per day will create a good habit for your child.
  • Give your child options of what type of learning they’d like to do.
  • Children feel more comfortable choosing their activity.
  • Focus more on your child’s strengths rather than his weaknesses.
  • Children need to feel proud of themselves, otherwise they will be discouraged and totally turned off to learning.
  • Recognize the fact that all children learn differently. Some learn easier with visual aides, and some through hands on activities. For instance, if your child is a visual learner, demonstrate how something is done or if your child is an auditory learner, read them a book about a specific subject.
  • Lastly, keep it fun!
Help Your Child Thrive

Tips To Help Your Child’s Social Interaction

90% of a child’s permanent foundation for brain development occurs in the early years according to Rauch Foundation. An overuse of gadgets can only stunt this growth and cause a negative impact on the child’s overall development.


  • Our number 1 tip is to teach your child about their emotions. Allow your child to discuss their feelings openly and without judgement.
  • Let your children know that they are free to talk, ask questions, and communicate their needs, desires, and ideas.
  • Bring your child to places where they can meet other children, play and interact. A playground, water park, sports, preschool classes, dance or karate are all good choices.
  • Be a good role model. Children tend to watch and listen to their parents and sometimes mimic them. Allow yourself to have some fun, interact with others and speak freely.
If your child is spending more time on a tablet or phone, instead of interacting with others, it can be harmful.
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What Our Parents and Teachers Say

Lisa Frampton

Toddler Preschool Teacher - New York

I felt confident that my lesson plan was already prepared in the event I was out one day a substitute could easily pick up where I left off.

Giovannina St. John


This curriculum puts your child in a place where they are open and willing to learn.


 I feel so great knowing that my daughter will go into kindergarten not stressed out or anxious. She is excited to learn. I noticed how comfortable she was when writing in her book. She felt good about herself writing in a book that can easily be erased

Colleen Peretti

Preschool Staff Manager - Long Island, NY

Teachers have more time to work with each child rather than worrying about what’s coming up the following day, week or month.


There are even extra curricular activities already prepared in the teacher guide.

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