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Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year!

Teacher, Directors and Assistants – the Drawn2Learn system is for you! This robust system, complete with a one-year lesson plan, can help drastically cut the time spent on preparing lessons, preparing handouts and worksheets, and cut down on the waste of printed pages and inkjet cartridges.


It saves time, money – and is environmentally friendly!


Directors can see at a glance what the lesson plan is for all of the teachers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If the need arises, the director can easily explain to a parent exactly what was covered, even if a teacher was absent.

Directors may also evaluate teacher performance based on how they are adhering to the lesson plan.

For Directors whose salary is based on profit/loss of the school, they will feel more comfortable knowing that their team of educators are all working together efficiently, with a high student retention rate from an outstanding and enjoyable pre-K curriculum.



First time teachers are more confident in following an organized lesson plan. Drawn2Learn allows teachers to spend more time working with the students on the lesson, as opposed to developing and researching a lesson.

Seasoned teachers have experienced satisfaction to a smooth-running classroom and will be amazed at how organized their class will run.

Drawn2Learn is a fully organized academic and socially guided 10 month lesson plan.

Drawn2Learn delivers a complete curriculum at your fingertips:
  • reusable writing pages,
  • enjoyable songs,
  • finger plays,
  • craft ideas,
  • science experiments,
  • suggested story time reads, and
  • fill-in games
Drawn2Learn provides activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • You will easily develop the skills of teaching Children through guided academic and mindfulness exercises,
  • Keep their interest with fun math and language games,
You will feel the confidence of being prepared each day with little to no prep work!
  • Lesson plans are ready, if one teacher is out and another needs to take over the class
  • Students enjoy writing and erasing in their Drawn2Learn workbooks, with no tears or frustration
  • Teachers or assistants will no longer have to leave the classroom for another paper copy
  • Eliminate frustration in children who make a mistake on paper

Parental Benefits of Drawn2Learn

Parents following alongside their child’s Preschool or Daycare enjoy the involvement Drawn2Learn brings into their child’s education.

Drawn2Learn offers a Parent Guide in PDF format to allow their child extra practice at home.

The parent guide will help in determining what your child is absorbing during the school day and what they may need extra help in.


By allowing children to “show their work at home” (redoing it at home with their parents), parents and children see tremendous benefits.
  • This tremendously boosts the parent/child interaction and conversation
  • When parents ask “what did you do today” and children respond “nothing”, they can now take out the materials, turn to the right lesson and teach the assignment to their parents.
  • When both teachers and parents work with students, the students learn more, gain confidence, and build stronger relationships between parents, teachers and the school.


What Professionals Have To Say

Miss Midgie’s Drawn2Learn curriculum encompasses a full range of lessons for preschoolers: writing letters and numbers, recognizing sight words, practicing meaningful exercises that correlate to the letter and number of the week, and recognizing and affirming feelings in order to…


Sharon A. Cuff, LMSW

Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Health Technology and Management
Stony Brook University

Drawn2Learn is much more than an outstanding Preschool curriculum; it is a connection of curriculum and social emotional learning when partnered together enable children to grow academically and socially at a young age. Social-emotional learning (SEL), as defined


Soretta E. Ralph

Executive Director
Student Enrollment
School District of Lee County
2855 Colonial Blvd.,
Fort Myers, FL 33966
Office: 239-337-8307
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What Our Parents and Teachers Say

Lisa Frampton

Toddler Preschool Teacher - New York

I felt confident that my lesson plan was already prepared in the event I was out one day a substitute could easily pick up where I left off.

Giovannina St. John


This curriculum puts your child in a place where they are open and willing to learn.


 I feel so great knowing that my daughter will go into kindergarten not stressed out or anxious. She is excited to learn. I noticed how comfortable she was when writing in her book. She felt good about herself writing in a book that can easily be erased

Colleen Peretti

Preschool Staff Manager - Long Island, NY

Teachers have more time to work with each child rather than worrying about what’s coming up the following day, week or month.


There are even extra curricular activities already prepared in the teacher guide.

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